Software Partners


AMAG Technology is one of the foremost innovators and suppliers within the Security Industry providing fully integrated security solutions throughout the world.
Orion Technology have joined The Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program, In September 2016. As Certified Partners we will have Integration between Symmetry and our Network Video Recorders (NVR's).
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Skycom - Xtime

Skycom, a part of G4S, has been a trusted technology partner in the Africa region for years and with their strong innovative solutions we are sure to grow the business further in the future in cooperation with Skycom.
Orion Technology A/S have joined the Skycom/Xtime partner program and will during Q1 2017 integrate our IP video systems with Xtime systems.
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Axis Partner Program

Orion Technology A/S joined on 26th January 2015, as an Application Development Partner in the Axis Application Development Partner Program.
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Orion Technology A/S is a User Member in good standing with the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF), a non-profit organization to facilitate the development and use of a global open standard for the interface of IP-based physical security products. The ONVIF specification will ensure interoperability between network video products regardless of manufacturer
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