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Orion Technology is the new reality on the market of fogging security systems

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Professional IP video solutions

Orion Technology is a total solutions provider of IP video systems. Based on a constant focus on quality, features and cost effective systems, Orion Technology is among the preferred supplier to large global system integrators and distributors across all regions. Our technology will continue to be developed with more cutting edge features and new products. We have just introduced Video Analytic with all the standard features, some cameras have also Heat Map and Early Warning.

Fogging Security System

Orion Technology have made a new security fogging system that is developed as a supplement to our existing video surveillance solution. Using the latest and innovated technology, the systems can secure all kinds of facilities such as smaller shops, petrol stations, cafe´s, supermarkets or even up to large industrial sites. Our company has a clear objective to become a new leader in the market of fog cannons, thanks to the quality of our products and superior technology! The strategy is clear: To supply our products with best performance at the best price and focus on quality.

Body Worn Camera solutions

Orion Technology´s body worn camera systems are developed in close cooperation with our long term partners across Europe. Over a decade, we have developed and provided high quality CCTV systems for our global clients. With our years of experience in the industry, we have developed an unique body camera system which can be used in the policing and law enforcement field as well as with private guarding services.

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